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The US Small Business Administration states that approximately 93% of businesses that lose critical data go out of business within two years.

Even worse, a whopping 70% of the businesses located downtown Oklahoma City closed their doors forever within a month after the bombing of the Federal Murrah building. The reason? They had no access to their company data and could not continue their business off-site without it. Due to the bombing and security concerns, officials would not let them back on the premises to retrieve the much needed data to survive. In this day and time, this is an example of why businesses should insure themselves by protecting their data with a well-planned, off-site backup and disaster recovery program.

With all of today's possibilities for data loss and the increasing number of computer attacks, how much computer security is enough?

Security measures are taken to protect our data from malware, hardware failure or disasters because it is cheaper to protect your data than it is to lose it.

Hardware continues to be inherently doomed to faulure because of moving parts - not if but when - so backup up information to a local drive is not a guaranteed way to have your data protected.

Not only does our service keep your data secure offsite, but it makes your data available offsite. Our award winning backup software is rated the best among end-users. It keeps us at the top of the list with our competitors.

Offsite availability means rather than being solely a preemptive move against malice, natural disasters, users error or hardware failure, our service creates an active backup accessible to the account holder from any web browser and allows for secure file-sharing via email.

Backup data shouldn't be a stagnate file cabinet, tape or drive that collects dust and takes up valuable space - data should be readily accessible, and Smith Backup Solution provides that kind of accessibility while maintaining its security.

All of your backups/recoveries can be handled remotely. No longer must you wait for a technician to arrive onsite to handle your tape backups/restores (just to find that the tape backup has failed). With Smith Backup Solution, you get a peace-of-mind knowing that your backup wlrked and your data is secure.

Backup: school work, pictures, documents, spreadsheets, Quickbooks files, bills, licenses, insurance forms, tax records, registration forms, business contracts, email and other vital data.

The question: How much would it cost if you lost all of your vital data?

The answer: More than the cost of prevention.